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Glasgow City Council - Partnership Funding (Questions and Answers)

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  • At what age does my child start receiving funded hours?

The day after their 3rd birthday or if living outside Glasgow City Council boundary (Cross Boundary) the term after their 3rd birthday.

Please remember cross boundary requests need to be applied for sometimes 12mths in advance due to application procedures set out by Glasgow City Council.

Receiving funding cross boundary is NOT GUARANTEED.


  • How many hours does my child receive?

600hrs for families earning over £45,000 per year

900hrs for families earning less than £45,000 per year

Glasgow City Council will carry out their own eligibility checks. 

  • How many hours per week does my child receive?

600hrs = 12hrs per week

900hrs = 18hrs per week

Funded hours cover 50wks throughout the year, Glasgow City Council close for the last week in July and first week in August, these weeks are not funded. 

  • How much funding do we receive per hour?

From August 2019 you will receive £5.40 per hour which will be deducted straight from your monthly fees. 

  • Can I access just my funded hours?

Yes – you can attend just for your funded hours

  • What is the minimum and maximum hours my child can use in a day?

2.5hrs minimum and 8hrs maximum (Aug 2020 will change to 10hrs maximum). 

  • Can I choose which hours and days I want?

No – we would need to look at availability, taking into consideration children who are already attending. 

  • My child already attends VPK, will this affect the days in which they are already doing?

No, your days will remain the same, there will be no change to anyone’s days which they are already receiving. 

  • How will my fees be calculated?

From August 2019 we will deduct your funding from your monthly fees.

We will no longer require the return of codes. 

  • When will we stop receiving codes?

Your last code will be posted out around about May/June 19 – this code will cover payments between 1st April 2019 – 26th July 2019. If your child turns 3yrs during this period, you will receive a code.

If there are any questions that have not been answered please e-mail me and I can add them, Thank You

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